Parenting is a juggling act. There are so many things we want to teach our children and being consistent day-after-day can be a challenge. The Figable mobile app digitizes the todo list, behavior chart and piggy bank into an intuitive parenting tool.


Practice Time Management

Developing life skills by doing age-appropriate

tasks around the house.

Develop Self Awareness

Encouraging positive behaviors such as empathy, leadership, and character.

Learn Fiscal Responsibility

Teaching children financial literacy early in life prepares them for independence.

Serve the


Instilling a desire to provide assitance to others and help those around them. 

Easy for Parents and Children

Meet Jane, a parent just like you! She is searching for a tool to help her instill important values in her children in a convenient and fun way. The answer is Figable!


Figable Is the Perfect Parenting Tool

We help parents set expectations with a simple equation:  

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Family App

"I can leave behavior notes for why

the child earned or lost a point. It’s

a great way to keep the parents


Desi, Nanny

Figable Has All the Tools You Need

Task Tracker

Our task tracker will  preload age appropriate tasks for your child, and it will be your choice whether you keep them or not.

Day / Night Transition

By switching between day and night themes, the Figable app keeps children aware of how much time they have left in the day.


Earning badges can be a great way to motivate children, such as completing tasks, giving money, and earning behavior points!

Money Pots

We’ve created spend, save, and give pots and new money will automatically be distributed among based on your preference.

Financial Transactions

We've created a mini-banking experience with financial features such as deposits, withdrawals and transfers between pots.

Behavior Tracking System

Make the connection between actions and behavior categories: leadership, growth mindset, relationships, and character.

Parent / Child User Roles

Parents can view and manage  all of their children. The child user will only see their own profile, to help them stay focused.

Motivation System 

It's not just what you do, but how you do it.  Our app puts into practice a simple equation: tasks + behavior = reward.

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