Can I adjust the weekly max payout amount?

Yes, the weekly max payout amount can be set during the on-boarding process. It can also be changed in the gear button on the progress screen. A good rule of thumb is $1 per year of age on a weekly basis. At this time, the weekly max payout amount cannot be less than $0. The weekly attainment of this payout requires 100% task completion and at least 3 net behavior points.

Can I adjust the spend, save and give distribution?

Yes, you can configure the spend, save and give distributions by clicking on the little gear to the lower right of the spend, give and save pie chart.

How do I look at the tasks for the week?

To toggle between DAY and WEEK view, please click on the purple "Show Week" or "Show Today" link to the right of today's date. For now, the week view will only show Sunday through Saturday of the current view.

Which tasks are pre-filled for me in app?

When you enter the birth year of your child, the system will calculate the current age and pre-fill task some suggested daily or weekly tasks: